Obstetrics refers to the branch of medicine and surgery relating to pregnancy and childbirth. Each year our doctors deliver hundreds of babies. We work hard with our patients to make sure that every one of those babies gets the best possible start. This is accomplished with an individual approach to each woman’s pregnancy, a safe and satisfying delivery experience and after delivery care. The doctors and nurse practitioners of Comprehensive Women's Healthcare chose to practice obstetrics because they feel strongly that every mother and child deserve the best in prenatal care and continue to appreciate the wonder of this process with each patient and family.

Obstetrical care at Comprehensive Women's Healthcare is special because we provide:

  • An appointment early in pregnancy to provide an initial evaluation and introduction to your pregnancy care. This initial appointment is a time to review your personal and family medical history, review your individual concerns about your childbearing experience and begin your pregnancy year journey.
  • Nutrition and exercise guidance and education
  • Fast, easy access to your own doctor for your regular prenatal appointments
  • Your doctor’s associate or nurse practitioner for appointments when your doctor is unavailable
  • In office laboratory services for routine, recommended blood testing
  • In office ultrasound
  • We deliver babies at Banner Gateway hospital, an excellent hospital with a “state of the art” labor and delivery department
  • Full time anesthesia services available in labor and delivery
  • After pregnancy care that encompasses attention to your adjustment as a new mom. We are skilled at addressing your concerns about the physical and psychological changes you’ve experienced since pregnancy and can assist you with your future family planning needs.